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La Catrina


Although La Catrina is a central figure in the Día de Muertos celebration today, she wasn’t the first major symbol of the afterlife in Mexican culture. The queen of the Aztec underworld of Chicunamictlan, Mictēcacihuātl was the first major symbol. Her purpose was to be present during any recognition of those who passed on and watch over their bones. Therefore, the Mexican tradition of honoring and celebrating the dead is deeply rooted in the culture. After decades of tradition and modernization, Mictēcacihuātl’s symbol and purpose is now represented by La Catrina.




Catrinas Cantina was born out of a love + passion for Latin cuisine….The Latin inspired menu adapts the culinary heritage of Mexico and Latin America to a fresh modern style. We serve always fresh ingredients and provide an amazing indoor and outdoor space and experience . All the art pieces you see have been personally collected from artisans throughout Mexico and Latin America. Additionally we offer over 100+ Tequilas, some of which have been personally selected and imported. 

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